Saturday 14th March

19 03 2009

This week was very eventful as one of the main year seven house competitions was taking place. It was a battle of  Tudor, Beaufort, Howard and the eventual winners Seymor. The squads were picked late last week and training went on through this week.

Beaufort vs Tudor    winners: Tudor

Seymor vs Howard     winners: Seymor

Tudor vs Howard     winners: Tudor

Seymor vs Beaufort     winners: Seymor

Beaufort vs Howard     winners: Beaufort

Seymor vs Tudor      winners: Seymor

Overall winners: Seymor


Friday19th December

19 12 2008

This week we have been calming down before christmas (woooh) meaning that we have watched a fair few videos- including a maths spoof! We have had sweets from the subjectcs of physics and  music. On Friday we had our first two lessons and then we had our end of term assembly where we sang our school song, learned the house standings of the year so far and watched a video of the well remembered assembly where Mr Roden and Mr Buloch where playing the BELLS!

Friday 5th December

5 12 2008

Today we had a half day! Oh Yeah!!!! However Mr. Roden got the ‘A’ team in the sports Hall for an after school training session where we practiced penalty moves. After the training session, my mates and I went into town to see a film. Just a quick reminder; it would be great if you cold leave your comments

December 3rd

3 12 2008

So far this year we have done all sorts of sports which have all been very fun. Yesterday we did the cross-country finals where we were split up into Juniors(years7-8),Intermediates(years9-10)and seniors(year11+). We were racing for positions meaning 1st got 32 points, 2nd got 31 and so on… The house with the most points wins the trophy. The houses are Tudor (my house!!), Beafort, Seymore and Howard. So far this year the whole year has represented the school at least once when we played Adams Grammer school at rugby. the A team have played 6 matches and won-3 drawn-1 and lost-2.Sorry I haven’t written in a while.

Friday 12th September

25 09 2008

Today we found out who is in the rugby ‘A’ squad everyone was so tense but we all got put in the team suitable for us. Once the teams were sorted we did some basic the end of the day we all had a great time but afterwards we had to get changed back into our uniform.

Thursday 11th September

11 09 2008

Today we had our house assembly where Mr Nash talked us through the various house activities throughout the year. We had art where we were taught about colours such as primary colours and secondary colours. After that our Geography teacher took us outside for bit of fresh air and a look outside of the school and its surroundings. Today the door connecting the boys dining area and the girls was pulled back for the first time this year.

Wednesday 10th september

11 09 2008

Today I had to go to an orthodontist appointment so I had to sign out which was a lot easier than I thought. When I got back I just signed in and went to the room my form was in and got on with the work. At lunch time you don’t need to worry if you are a fussy eater or a vegetarian or even allergic to some foods since the catering facilities are excellent and there is always lots of choice. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is amazing and all for a very cheap price (especially since my parents are paying!)